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Famous Bazaar (Ivory) $16.00 Add Item
Temple of the Heavenly Crab (TCS) $20.00 Add Item
Versatile Army (Ivory) $6.00 Add Item
Asukai, the Tireless (CoM) $3.00 Add Item
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The New Order
A Line in the Sand
The Coming Storm
Ivory Edition
Gates of Chaos
Coils of Madness
Torn Asunder
Emperor Edition: Gempukku
Honor and Treachery
Seeds of Decay
The Shadow's Embrace
Embers of War
Emperor Edition
The Second City
Forgotten Legacy
Before the Dawn
The Dead of Winter
Empire at War
Battle of Kyuden Tonbo
The Plague War
Celestial Edition 15th Anniversary Edition
The Harbinger
Path of the Destroyer
The Imperial Gift, Part II
Celestial Edition
Death at Koten
Glory of the Empire
The Imperial Gift, Part I
The Heaven's Will
Words and Deeds
Clan of the Month / Ultimate Clan Pack
Honor's Veil
The Emerald and Jade Champions
Stronger than Steel
Samurai Edition
The Truest Test
Khan's Defiance
Rise of the Shogun
Test of Enlightenment
Drums of War
Path of Hope
Lotus Edition
Code of Bushido
Enemy of My Enemy
Web of Lies
Dawn of the Empire
Wrath of the Emperor
Hidden City
Reign of Blood
Diamond Edition
Winds of Change
Heaven & Earth
Fall of Otosan Uchi